Great news! Our game has been named a finalist for the Indie Prize 2019 by GameDaily Connect!

Minimal Dungeon is a minimalist RPG. Tasks/monsters/NPC/stores in the game are simplified into squares. Multiple rooms are connected in-to Dungeons, you need to explore and collect in each room to improve yourself, then defeat the final Boss to get to the next level.

It’s a story about an unknown land, One day you wake up as a half-demon half-human. Because of that people hate you and monsters want to kill you! The only way you can protect yourself is to hold the weapon and fight! That’s the adventure started!

For information, Indie Prize is an inextricable piece of GameDaily Connect that allows indie developers access to other indies, potential partners, vendors. Although Minimal Dungeon RPG has not formally released until Nov, we still feel so excited about to be chosen in this event and appreciate to the opportunity to connect with other great teams!

You could now find Idle Convoy in the Indie Prize China 2019 finalists through the following link:

Or you could see a quick preview below:

Meanwhile, we optimize the game every day and aim to give players the best gaming experience.

You can now pre-order the Minimal Dungeon RPG for FREE on App Store: