Eternal Cannon

Eternal Cannon is the perfect combination of idle tapping and tower defense, offering a unique experience with exceptional style. Eternal Cannon takes the idle incremental game style that players have come to know and love, and stretched the limits of what they can be.

Ayni Fairyland

Ayni Fairyland is coming! • Short but intricately designed levels. • Unpredictable ways of passing the levels. • You can do almost anything with one kind of trap, of course, it requires some imagination. • Read in the level, learn how to do things in the challenge like. • Play easy and wonderful music at random.

Space Colonizers

Even busy people will look up at the stars in the middle of the night, eager to explore the unknown universe. With the rapid development of the earth civilization, we have passed through the steam era, the industrial age, and entered the era of science and technology, but the beautiful earth mother has quickly become more and more uninhabitable. Problems such as smog, desertification, extinction of species, and so forth have emerged. Maybe it's time to find another habitat! The universe is so vast that there are planets that allow humankind to survive. Brave traveler, take risks for the happiness of all humanity!

Idle Convoy VS Zombies

This is an idle and incremental casual game, you should guide the convoy fighting with the zombies to go as far as you can.
* Killing the zombies
* Collecting a lot of money
* Use power-ups
* Summon heroes
* Upgrade heroes
* Upgrade heroes Skills
* Upgrade your vehicle
* Daily rewards

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