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CapPlay is a distinguished player in the realm of game development and publishing. With a global presence, we have successfully developed and released a multitude of games across various platforms, including mobile and PC, bringing joy to millions of players worldwide.

Having been in the game development industry for several years, we are acutely aware of the multitude of challenges that developers confront. Our own experience mirrors that of countless developers across the globe, who, despite stumbling upon the same obstacles and encountering similar issues, maintain an unyielding passion and dedication to their craft, just as we do.

At CapPlay, we are committed to fostering collaborative partnerships with game developers, offering a more personal touch in contrast to the cold, data-driven metrics frequently employed by larger publishers. Our aim is to deliver tailored services that meet the unique needs of developers without usurping control over their creation – a product they often regard as their own offspring.

We firmly believe in the principle of reciprocity; assisting other small-scale game developers in their endeavours is, in essence, a means of helping ourselves. We strive to create a supportive ecosystem, where the growth and success of one are shared by all.

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