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About CapPlay

CapPlay is a digital game developer and publisher founded in 2015. Working with partners all over the world, we’ve developed and published dozens of games on Mobile and PC, pleased millions of players globally.

Being a game developer for years, we know there are numerous difficulties in game development. We’ve seen tens of developers from every corner of the world, repeating the same mistakes that we’ve ever had, falling into the same pitfalls that we’ve ever struggled to survive, and still, keeping the passion and love for what they are doing, exactly like us. We want to cooperate with other game developers, like a friend, while large publishers in the industry are judging them by icy data metrics solely; we want to provide the services they really need, while large companies are just taking over their game and making them lose control of what they think of as their own child.

We believe that helping other small game developers like us is helping ourselves.

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