As our finale game for 2019, Minimal Dungeon has been released finally! Hope you ready for the exciting adventure!

It’s a story that happened in a magical land. As a piece of the ancient demon, people hate you; monsters want to kill you! The only way you can protect yourself is to hold the weapon and fight! Become the king of this land!

This is a minimalist RPG. Tasks, monsters, NPC,and stores in the game are simplified into squares. Multiple rooms are connected in-to Dungeons. You need to explore and collect in each room to improve yourself, then defeat the final Boss to get to the next level.

Game features:

▲Classic dungeon-mode,explore layers of unknowns.

▲Upgrade in extreme speed.

▲Powerful suit and rare equipment, which makes you invincible!

▲Free bonus added to your point,be the strongest!

▲Rich story, numerous monsters, waiting for you to challenge!