Project Description

An Idle Crafting Game of Building Farms

Imagine that you come to an island full of rich resources. Don’t you want to build your own farms and become rich? Pixel Farm Tycoon is a strategy & simulation game in the classic pixel art style. In this game, you can build your own villages and farms, hire villagers to collect resources, and become a tycoon! The more resources you collect, the more buildings you can craft. There are dozens of buildings and fields that can be unlocked. You can also hire heroes to work for your houses/fields and improve the production speed!

Game Features
🏠 Build different types of buildings and fields
🥔 Rich resources(stone, logs, wheat, potatoes…) to be collected
🌾 Hire villagers to boost the building speed
🛠 A workstation to merge materials/products and craft useful items

🔎 A research feature to accelerate the production speed

Start to explore the island now!

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Enjoy it!

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