Project Description

Ayni Fairyland

Perhaps one day you will find yourself in a strange land, alone and helpless. And in this world, your name is, Ayni.

There is only one kind of tool in each world and you even need to use this 1 tool to break through any challenge. In the bubble world, there are bubble generating agencies that you can use to float in the sky to complete all the challenges. In the hot world, there is a fire column switch, which is used to control the movement of walls and land, control the layout of the entire scene to pass through the levels. Different challenges reflect different principles, which inspire people to think about real life. As you constantly explore, the world will become interesting beyond imagination. Of course, there are dangerous and exciting challenges, Lords of element is difficult to deal with!

Every level looks small, but it takes you to activate your brain. If you are temporarily unable to pass through the level, you can open the tips in the game and you may be inspired. In a floating world, bubble generating devices can slow down the descent speed and protect themselves. the core challenge in the whole chapter is to design through bubbles. The core challenge of the flame world is how to use the switch. having fire can turn the switch on or off.

Various roles can be purchased in the store. ninja,bear man,eggshell gentlemen,future No.1,miku,and so on.

Key Features:

• Short but intricately designed levels.

• Unpredictable ways of passing the levels.

• You can do almost anything with one kind of trap, of course, it requires some imagination.

• Read in the level, learn how to do things in the challenge like.

• About roles, the types you like may be here.

• Play easy and wonderful music at random.

Ready and go!