Project Description

Atlantis minimal idle MMO

For many generations, our people have survived in the confines of the Safe Zone, a small strip of land ceded to us after the battle between Man and Beast. But as the years passed and civilizations rose and fell, the lines between our world and theirs began to fade. Monsters threaten our border day and night, pushing deeper into our lands, torching our towns and slaughtering our people. Now is the time for us to fight back! To take back our home and extend our reach beyond, into the vast unknown realms of the continent. To protect our civilization and rebuild our kingdom, we must explore distant and dangerous lands, hunting down the monsters that threaten our peace.

We’ve ventured far and wide – escaped the thorns of the fairy forest, endured the bone-chilling cold of Icewind Valley, explored long-forgotten ruins, and found our way through the murky depths of the dark forest. Whichever way we turn, a never-ending horde of monsters blocks our path, but each battle makes us stronger! Our swords are honed against their fangs, our spells shine brighter, and our arrows fly truer.

Come, join us on our quest as we advance across the land, cross the seas, and conquer the skies! Together, we will push back the beasts to the corners of the world, hunting them into the deepest chasms and the darkest shadows.

Game features

– Adventure
Explore unknown regions and feel the thrill of adventure as you travel to new and mysterious kingdoms!

– Customize your battle-kit
Upgrade your armour, collect a set, or mix-and-match between styles.

– Idle gameplay
Explore, battle, and collect treasure while you’re away. Check in to see your progress, celebrate your victories and equip your loot!

– Trading
The world is your marketplace, open up your stall to trade anytime and anywhere.