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Space Colonizers Idle Clicker

Space Colonizers is a simulation and strategy game with a Sci-Fi adventure theme. The more planets you discover, the more humans can immigrate and be saved from the dying Earth. Upgrade your spaceship equipment to support long-distance spaceflight and use black holes to quickly traverse the universe and reach new planets in a shorter amount of time.

On your travels, you will encounter all sorts of extraterrestrial beings, some of whom may even become your friends! But remember, your most important mission is to save humanity. Don’t forget to bring them with you to the new planets you discover. Join this exciting space adventure now!

Game Features:
* Explore the vast universe
* Upgrade and customize your spacecraft with new parts
* Cast powerful skills to overcome challenges
* Discover beautiful new planets and relocate Earthlings
* Meet a variety of unique alien species and learn their characteristics


Minimal Dungeon RPG

Minimal Dungeon is a brand new RPG that offers classic RPG gameplay. It consists of multiple rooms that are interconnected to form dungeons. Tasks, monsters, and rewards are all simplified into squares in the rooms, making it easy to play and crawl through the dungeons. The game offers an immersive storyline with elements of simulation and strategic dungeon-style games. You can experience the pleasure of classic RPG in this simple, easy, and fun game.

Game features:
* Innovative gameplay with minimalist and simplified dungeon style
* Epic dungeons full of loots and unexpected monsters
* A fascinating, rich storyline with a mystery to unravel
* Side missions and Dreamland to get extra materials and lucky treasure


Wildlife Planet: The Incremental

This Idle & Simulation game lets you immerse yourself in nature, and discover hundreds of species of animals, plants, birds, and insects across various regions.

Wildlife Planet features stunningly refreshing graphics, and its peaceful background music will transport you to the tranquility of nature. Each region in the game is based on real-life locations, and the descriptions of each species card are verified by professional biologists. This makes it not only a fun game to play, but also an educational one that will help you learn about popular science.

Game Features:
* Verified names, taxonomies, and descriptions by biologists to provide valuable educational information.
* Unlock and level up cards of different wildlife
* Refreshing and relaxing graphics based on biology and geography
* Immersive and healing background music
* An ‘Expedition’ option to get extra rewards


Ayni Fairyland

Perhaps one day, you might find yourself in a strange land, feeling helpless and alone. In this world, you are known as Ayni.

Each world in this game has only one tool, and you must use it to overcome any challenge.

Different challenges reflect different principles that can inspire you to think about real-life situations. As you explore the world, you’ll encounter interesting challenges that go beyond your imagination. Of course, there are also dangerous and exciting challenges, such as dealing with the Lords of Element.

Each level may look small, but it requires you to activate your brain to complete it. If you get stuck, you can open the in-game tips to get inspired.

* Short, intricately designed levels.
* Unpredictable ways to pass each level.
* You can do almost anything with just one kind of trap, it requires some imagination!
* Learn how to do things in each challenge by reading the level.
* Find the roles you like in the store.